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Write, right?

March 5th, 2010

If you’re a writer – or desire to write, “For Bards” blog is something you should check out…

It’s a weblog about writing, film and writing for – and about – film. The blog covers everything from how to craft a good story or script to current movie culture and special events, like this weekend’s upcoming Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science’s Oscars. Who will win? Which script will be honored? “For Bards” covers these and other subjects… And if your interests are more professional in nature, “For Bards” blog is linked to Forbard Story Services, a one-stop for script analysis, synopses and story notes. After a career of more than a quarter of a century reading, analyzing and assessing film scripts (and other source material) for production in Hollywood, Forbard Story Services has adopted an online presence, and is open for business to help writers – and aspiring writers – hone their craft and rise to their maximum potential.

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