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Fear Itself?

March 12th, 2010

Of course writing is hard. If it weren’t, everyone would be brilliant (like you and me). And clearly THAT’s not going to happen.

But occasionally all writers face the ‘tyranny of the blank page,’ and it’s a real challenge (I’m not sure why that expression is in apostrophes, but it sounds portentous and possibly famous – unless I’m the guy who wrote it first). After all, there it is – staring at you – taunting you… the white page (or blinking cursor… it’s all the same in today’s world); but the answer is always the same: fill the space up! Make nonsense, write anything… Sooner or later, you will begin to make sense, like a metaphorical roomful of monkees; after a while, that muscle – the writing muscle – will grow stronger, more limber, more capable. And you will write good stuff!

Turning ‘good stuff’ into literature or a sellable script is the next step… It’s a process of refinement which takes time, and depends on solid, proven assistance – which could yield results. It’s the sort of thing I’ve done all my adult life as an editor – and a writer – and which still satisfies me. I’ve met people who never considered themselves ‘writers’ of the conventional sort, yet my life (and my DVD case) is overflowing with the stories and product of those who have worked and re-worked their writing into ‘properties’ which were eventually purchased, developed and slated for production.


So, when it comes to fear of the blank page, just remember this: it’s only a blank page until you make your mark… Once you’ve done that, there’s nothing that should scare you!

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