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Great to see you again! Who ARE you?

June 1st, 2010

I’m in the process of returning home from a very enjoyable, very laid-back college reunion in New Haven, Connecticut at present. The reunion was quite well attended, although there’s always someone missed. Even worse is when you run into someone you knew at school, and simply can’t recall who they are or how you ever got to know them. That’s probably why they handed out buttons at the last reunion that said “I Don’t Know Who You Are, Either!”

Perhaps the best part of getting together with old friends for reunions is the fact that we tend to revert back to who we were at college. Yale does a great job facilitating this with copious amounts of alcohol and social gatherings – if you’re rubbing elbows with classmates under a party tent waiting for a drink to be served, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with the thirsty person next to you, and perhaps the next realization is that you were actually friends, all those years ago. By the time the bar closes, if you weren’t friends back in those bygone days of yore, you are now – and heading off to the next watering hole with your best pal…

The saddest part of every college reunion comes at the conclusion of the weekend with the realization that it will be another 5 years until the next reunion.

But you know what? Those years will “swiftly fly,” to quote Yale’s alma mater “Bright College Years.” And then it’s off to the next reunion – and all those ‘new’ friends from our past…

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