The play’s the thing…

April 12th, 2022
IMG_0035Story analysis based on years of industry experience.It’s a meandering path from an Ivy League education in film history to Hollywood…
 Script reading and story analysis

Ever since graduating from Yale with a Film degree some years ago, Barrett D. Ford has analyzed and assessed literally thousands of feature film scripts, script treatments, teleplays, stage plays and manuscripts. His resume boasts associations with numerous film studios and production companies, a virtual “Who’s Who” of Hollywood: Paramount, Warner Brothers, MGM, Disney, Columbia, Tri-Star and Dreamworks SKG. After a stint as an MGM executive in the early ’90s, Barrett opted to become an independent story-analysis consultant to a number of high-profile productions as well as to many independent features.

Defining the story, telling the tale

The old show-business axiom of “if it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage” only goes so far… There can be a great idea hiding in a flawed script. The Forbard Story Services philosophy entails positive criticism, and, because of a broad knowledge of film, cinema precedents are regularly cited in script analysis. In short, every script’s strong points deserve acknowledgement, and any story shortfalls should definitely be addressed critically before your script is sent out for consideration.

Forbard Story Services can help you reignite your creative talents to hone your writing and finalize your screenplay. Our goal is to help you reach your greatest potential as a writer, screenwriter or playwright.

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